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Our inspections are carried out by qualified personnel and are made to meet Australian standards.

We offer annual fire inspections and certificates for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

All our products come with a certificate of compliance.

Test Frequency
Fire indicating panels
Monthly, 6 monthly & annually
Smoke & heat detectors
6 Monthly & Annually
Fire sprinkler systems
AWeekly or Monthly, Annually, 3 yearly, 24 yearly
Evacuation system
Monthly, 6 Monthly & Annually
Fire alarm system
Monthly & annually
Fire hydrant
6 monthly & Annually
Hose reel systems
6 monthly & Annually
Fire booster pumps
Weekly or Monthly, Annually
Fire extinguishers
6 monthly & Annually
Emergency Lighting
6 monthly & Annually
Fire doors
Quarterly or 6 monthly, annually
Gas suppression systems
6 monthly & Annually
Water mist systems
6 monthly & Annually