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Welcome to FCM – Fire Compliance and Maintenance


Our Mission Statement

Fire Compliance & Maintenance endeavours to provide professional and reliable fire equipment, maintenance and services, enabling you to better protect your family, staff and assets at a competitive price whilst adhering to our high standards. Granting you the peace of mind, that you have a solid, reliable fire protection system in place to protect you and those you hold dear.

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We have been providing the latest fire protection services and advice to the greater NSW region against fire threats for over 20 years

We are leaders in the fire protection industry, using the latest equipment and technology

Our Fire protection services and equipment are of the highest standards and comply with Australian Standards

Our Fire Compliance and Maintenance team is selected based on their professional expertise and are leaders in their respective fire protection fields.



Our technicians are available 24 hours a day for all emergency fire protection product/equipment repairs, servicing and maintenance.


Our fire protection products, equipment and fire protection systems are designed in accordance with and comply to Australian fire safety standards.


We service the wider NSW community including regional and rural areas, that other companies will not cater to based on their key interests being solely business and profit based.


Our inspections are carried out by qualified professionals and comply with Australian standards. We carry out and supply annual fire inspections and certificates for all commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Our Fire Compliance and Maintenance experts are here to assist you

Our Fire Protection Products & Services

Fire Protection Product - fire extinguishers

Fire Equipment

Fire Protection Product - fire extinguishers

Maintenance & Service

Flow Testing Specialist

fire-compliance-&-maintenance- flow-testing-specialists
  • We perform 100’s of flow tests in Sydney and NSW annually

  • All our technicians are trained and equipped with all the proper flow testing gear.

  • Fire Hydrant Flow Test from 10 Litres, 20 Litres, 30 Litres or More

  • Sprinkler Flow Test

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Flow Test

  • Fire Truck Booster Test

  • Flow Test on Towns Mains (Pressure & Flow Enquiry) Licensed with Sydney Water to test on towns mains.

  • Express service, flow test can be carried out within 72 hours by FCM, whereas Sydney Water can take up to 6 weeks.

How can we assist you?

We’re here to help answer your questions. Fire Protection Products and Services can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform and assist you with your needs.