Smoke Alarms – We Supply, install and Maintain

Smoke Alarms will provide you with an audible warning, when smoke has been detected.

Smoke Alarms are a critical part of any fire protection system, they will provide you with a crucial warning and indication that smoke has been detected.

Providing you with adequate time to respond and take measures to protect your assets, personnel and property.

Some systems can also be setup to send automatic alerts to your local emergency services.

The 2 Types of Smoke Alarm Installations

Battery Powered Smoke Alarms

This Smoke alarm is portable and powered by 9v Battery, it can be installed throughout your property and does not require any modification to your property.

Hardwired Smoke Alarms

This Smoke alarm is hardwired and powered by property’s electrical system, it can be installed and connected to your current fire alarm system. The smoke alarm will communicate with your fire alarm system, which will send automated warnings to your local emergency services.

Under the building code of Australia BCA, working smoke alarms are required in every building where people sleep. The smoke alarms must meet the requirements of Australian standards AS 3786.

There are currently two types of smoke alarms on the Australian market. Photoelectric and ionisation. Both types of smoke alarms meet the Australian Standards AS 3786

Our technicians are well trained and qualified to install and test your smoke alarms.

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